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Every wedding anniversary is special.  Most people always remember the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries, but may not realize that gemstones make an excellent anniversary gift for any anniversary.  Giving gemstones for an anniversary gift may not be quite as popular as birth month gemstones, but at E. D. Marshall Jewelers we will gladly help anyone who likes to join in this tradition.  Even if you have been married for many years and have never given a gemstone for an anniversary gift you can start a new tradition this year.

It’s easy to think that anniversary gemstones are only for women’s jewelry but women do not hold a monopoly on jewelry.  Remember that men can also enjoy gemstone jewelry such as rings, tie tacks, cufflinks, and men’s bracelets.

Making the effort to pick out a special gemstone item for an anniversary gift shows that you have thought more carefully about the gift.  You could try calling our store and asking one of our clerks to choose a gift involving a certain gemstone, within a certain price range and you will be in to pick it up—just be sure it is gift wrapped.  But it is unlikely that you will do that quite like you might order a bouquet of roses.  Jewelry tends to be more personal.

One possible issue with gemstones to match anniversaries is determining which stone to give.  Not everyone agrees on a single stone for each anniversary year.  But if you approach this with an open mind it means that for some anniversaries you will have a choice of stones.  Curiously, not every anniversary “gemstone” is actually a gem.  Sometimes it is a metal such as silver or gold.

Which gemstone to choose?

Let’s start at the very beginning.  The very 1st anniversary is special.  While you will be happily taking out the top of the wedding cake that has been taking up space in the freezer this past year, it is also time to give the gift of gold.  If you are not in favor of gold, amethyst or ruby stones are also felt by some to be first anniversary gemstones.  A few of the other traditional and modern gifts for the 1st anniversary include items made of paper, clocks, and orange blossom bouquets.

The 2nd anniversary is for garnet lovers.  This luscious deep red stone looks great in rings or pendants and earrings.  The garnet is felt to signify loyalty, faithfulness and love.  The garnet stone has been used in jewelry production for thousands of year.  The stone was thought to have curative powers as well as being able to protect the wearer from harm.  The garnet is believed to energize the emotions, promote confidence, and promote strength of character in the person who wears it.  It is thought that the name garnet was derived from the Latin word ‘granatum’ which means pomegranate.  It would be referring to how the stones remind one of the deep red colored seeds of the fruit.  Traditional 2nd anniversary gifts include cotton with the more modern anniversary gift of china.  Daisies are the flower of the day.

A couple’s 3rd anniversary is the pearl anniversary.  Freshwater pearls form inside a freshwater mussel.  The freshwater pearls grow in a baroque or irregular shape.  Most people think first of the rounded saltwater relative which forms in the bodies of certain mollusks around a minuscule irritant.  They do not require human help to form.  Modern cultured pearls come in a host of colors and do require some human intervention.  The mollusks used in the pearl culturing process are raised explicitly for this purpose.  In ancient Roman mythology pearls were thought to be heavenly dewdrops caught by the shells rising up from the sea bottom.  Pearls are felt to signify peace, beauty and friendship.

If you (or the recipient) are not a lover of pearls the peridot stone is also felt to be an excellent 3rd anniversary gemstone.  The peridot stone was used in ancient Egypt in the production of jewelry.  It is said to alleviate anxiety and fear and to relieve insomnia.  Leather, crystal and glass items are all considered 3rd anniversary gifts with the carnation being the flower.

All appear to agree that the blue topaz if the gemstone for the 4th anniversary.  Blue topaz is thought to be the second most popular colored gemstone in the United States.  Topaz is a very hard material but it can be split by a hard hit on the right spot.  It is a very pretty stone, available in a wide range of hues and when cut properly it is quite lustrous.  Naturally occurring blue topaz is pale blue.  Darker colored blue topaz stones are created by special treatment of white topaz which causes a permanent color change.  Modern 4th anniversary gifts are appliances while traditionalists will go with silk, linen and violets.

For the 5th anniversary sapphire is the stone of choice.  It is felt that the sapphire signifies truth, insight and constancy.  When most people think of sapphires they think of blue stones.  It is available in many shades from the deep blue of evening to mid-color blue of the sky on a wonderful summer’s day.  What many don’t realize is that the sapphire stone also comes in a multitude of other colors from yellow and orange to pink and purple.  The staff at E.D. Marshall Jewelers agrees with many people who feel that this wonderful blue stone makes a perfect piece of jewelry.  Wood and silverware are some other anniversary gift themes.  If you are not interested in buying a gemstone piece you may just find a nice wooden or silverware item at E.D. Marshall Jewelers for your gift.  You can even ask if we are carrying any fine porcelain pansies.

The 6th anniversary calls for the amethyst stone.  It is said to be the stone of contentment as it bestows stability, serenity, inner strength, and peace on those who wear it.  Amethyst is a member of the quartz family.  The purple hues that we see are due to a variable amount of trace iron in the stones.  It is felt that the word amethyst comes from the Greek word amethustos which means non-inebriated.  The stone was highly prized in antiquity for its calming effect.  It was often used as a meditation stone to help bring quiet to the mind and as an aid to finding inner peace.

Onyx is the gemstone for the 7th anniversary.  The stone is valued for its strong luster and color.  It has been used in jewelry making since pre-historic time.  Onyx is a chalcedony which is the form of quartz that is compact and microcrystalline.  Many forms and colors of chalcedony stone exist.  Onyx describes the solid black, banded black and white, or any chalcedony stone with a black base and white upper layer.

For a couple’s 8th wedding anniversary tourmaline is the stone of choice.  The tourmaline stone is felt to bring balance and focus to any and all who wear it.  In Arabic cultures tourmaline was known as a stone that strengthened the heart and protected the wearer from nightmares.  The affordable tourmaline comes in a wide variety of colors from black to pink and even colorless.  Today’s high quality tourmaline comes from mines in Brazil and Africa.  It is thought that the word tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese word “turamali” which is translated as “stone of mixed colors.”  It is such a fitting word for a stone that can be found in so many colors from pastel to dark, with the ability to have various colors in the same stone.

The lapis lazuli stone is the gemstone of the 9th anniversary.  This stone has been used for over 6000 years in jewelry making.  Its name comes from the Latin word for stone (“lapis”) and the Arabic word for blue (“azul”).  It has a unique deep blue color.  In cultures around the world the lapis lazuli is a stone of truth and friendship.  It is traditionally set in a silver setting.

By the 10th anniversary the couple is ready for diamonds as they stand for eternity, health and abundance—things every couple wants.  Diamonds are formed at about one hundred miles beneath the Earth’s crust.  They are pure carbon which the earth turns into the hardest mineral known to man.  It is felt that the word diamond is derived from the Greek word adamas which means invincible.  Since ancient times the diamond has been a symbol of strength and invulnerability.  The characteristic fire and brilliance of the diamond has made it a girl’s best friend (though men enjoy diamond jewelry just as much).  With the largest selection of GIA certified diamonds in the state E.D. Marshall Jewelers should be able to help you find exactly what you want to give.

If diamonds are not a favored stone come to E.D. Marshall Jewelers to look at the green tourmaline as it is also considered an appropriate 10th anniversary gift.  It can be quite versatile and more affordable than diamonds.  It is a stone with high clarity and few inclusions that is also known for its durability.  If you are searching for the least expensive option you might want to get a bouquet of sweet pea blossoms while traditionalists will look for giving something made of aluminum or tin.

This has been a wonderful trip through the gemstone possibilities for anniversary gifts for the first 10 years of marriage.  Always think of E.D. Marshall Jewelers for fine quality gift options.

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