Lab Grown Diamonds are here to stay!

Lab Grown Diamonds are here to stay as the popularity of a lab-grown diamond is increasing rapidly. When Lab-grown diamond was first introduced many of us were confused and had questions like Are they real? Are they expensive? When gemmologists shed some light that lab-grown diamond just like real diamond graded on the same 4C characteristics (color, cut, clarity, and carat) it helps many gain confidence to invest in lab-grown diamonds. The fact is even for the trained Gemmologist it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between a Lab Grown Diamond and an Earth Mined Diamond because they so look like.

Lab-grown diamonds are considered more environmental friendly as lab-grown diamond uses just 70 liters of water per cater whereas mined uses 480 liters of water per carat which is terrible for the environment. Lab-grown diamond takes very little energy to grow. Lab-grown diamond also knows for creating high-tech jobs in the industry. The market of lab-grown diamond is increasing every day. From rings and necklaces, couples are purchasing lab-grown diamond products.

The best thing about lab-grown diamond is that they are less expensive and can be purchased at the friction of real diamond cost, lab-grown diamonds display the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds therefor investing in lab-grown diamonds is the sensible choice.

Many people are now considering buying lab-grown diamond rings because they are less expensive but equally good in looks. There are many online websites such as nova diamonds from where you can purchase the best quality lab-grown diamond rings to elevate your style.

At an average lab-grown diamond rings are 30% cheaper than earth mined diamond rings and you can find beautiful, ethical, and affordable lab-grown diamond engagement rings on jewelry stores such as nova diamonds.

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