Where to find the perfect Moissanite engagement Ring

Moissanite Engagement Ring
Moissanite Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a challenge. You must have the perfect size, shape, color, and quality. It must have the perfect setting and the perfect material – Afterall your future spouse and love of your life might be allergic to certain metals. You might find something similar or close to what you are looking for, but it just isn’t quite the ring your spouse will fall in love with. We have arranged a list of the top three places to shop for moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands. Here is the list.

1. Charles & Colvard – Since moissanite stones are extremely rare, moissanite stones are almost exclusively lab-created. The original lab creators of the moissanite stone were Charles & Colvard. Their stones, by pure experience, are some of the highest quality in the world. These moissanite stones are guaranteed to be high quality and are guaranteed to be higher quality than most diamonds. Needless to say, by buying from Charles & Colvard you are getting a trusted and high-quality stone that will last and be more than brilliant. If you want to stay authentic and get the “real deal” then you will likely be shopping at Charles & Colvard simply due to them being the original inventor of the lab-created moissanite.

2. Elemental Bands – Elemental Bands offers a wide variety of unique engagement rings and wedding bands. All their engagement rings are made from solid 14k gold – one of the best materials for long-lasting and durable use. Their moissanite stones are also extremely high quality and offer some of the best value for your money. You can typically get a moissanite stone from here with a setting of your choice for 10-25% cheaper than even Charles & Colvard. Elemental Bands are a great company if you are shopping for a high-quality ring on a budget. Their moissanite stones are some of the best in the business and their ring composition is more affordable, but just as high quality as most of their competition.

3. Helzberg Diamonds – Although Helzberg is most well known for their diamond rings, they recently started getting into moissanite rings. Just like their high-quality diamond rings, they offer very nice and high-quality moissanite rings. They offer a very large selection of moissanite rings that come in a variety of settings, styles, and materials. A majority of Helzberg moissanite rings are made from 14k gold, just like Elemental Bands, but they do offer a slightly better selection, including earrings!

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